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Slide projectors


With the change in photography from analog to digital, the majority of manufacturers, including Kodak, stopped making slide projectors.  Many people have switched to using digital projectors. Wedgwood also supply projector screens and some slide projector trolleys. 


Current models:



Page last updated: Friday 21 April 2017


For an explanation of the terms used in the above comparison chart, then please see our slide projector guide page.


A digital projector
Digital projectors
Digital projectors are used with desktop and notebook computers to project the computer's image onto the screen.  We supply over 500 different digital projectors.  You can convert existing slides to digital photos.  See our article convert slides to digital photos.

A projection screen

Slide projector screens
See our slide projector screens page information to help you choose a screen.  There are a lot of different types on the market, not just the traditional tripod screens.